About Us

Founded in 2012, LANMU is engaged in the production of electronic and vacuum cleaners parts. It has been committed to product innovation and pursues excellent quality.
Our mission is to focus on customers' needs and quality products, provide customers with a better experience.
Insists on innovation, pursuing excellent quality, providing users with a better experience.
The customer's satisfaction which is exactly what we have been working on. We are always keeping creating and publishing products with new ideas.
The character "L" "A" "N" "M" "U" is consist of Limit, Achieve, Need, Make, Unique. It means in a "limited" time, creating unlimited possibilities, "achieving" our mission, guided by our customers' "need", adhering to independent design, "making" a new idea to your life, providing premium quality and "unique" product experiences.
Thank you very much for your trust and support for LANMU, we will do our best to produce better products.